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released January 1, 2007




Cap'n Fresh and the Stay Fresh Seals Denver, Colorado

Cap'n Fresh a.k.a Cap'n Schleicolo of Bill Pickett's Invitational Rodeo is here to bring you party pop hip hop and the style or era of it is yet to be determined, the on stage show is crazy and unpredictable, B.P.I.R. is the experimental styles this is just head boppin, freak dancing sing along pop fun!!!! ... more

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Track Name: Island 9
hey hey it's Cap'n fresh hear here, crush some of your fear fear ,don't need any beer beer (yeah) but have some if you like, my real name is Mike always down to bust a hype rhyme any time the times right, if you are my type come join me in the spotlight and we can rock like all night or get into the tail pipe and get into the engine buck the whole system no ones gonna miss em greedy politicians their always on a mission but I'm just on a night flight doing what like right, better than just wishin' sittin' in the kitchen get fan and bitchin'.....twitchin...CHORUS: cuz this is the side of the Isle where we rock it su su su suckaz ..so don't you knock it till you've tried it...bu buta humbaz ... So break out your sambas and bust out your castanets are we gonna rock? ...you bet! cuz this is the place where you face the music if your not having fun there's the door use it I'm habitually mystical and rappin is my ritual I do it day and night my prayers are your delight so anwser me this riddle and i'll break out my fiddle ..do you like to dance, maybe just a little? Chourus: now break.........well you know I can go till the breal of dawn whats my favarite phraze yo....it's on! so girl just do me right and treat me like a king and I'll send you a Valentine for Thanksgiving now I ain't a playa and I ain't no pimp I just like to have a good time it's that simple Chorus